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The History of ZA.ER PLC
(Zambaiti – Eritrea PLC)

The Dolce Vita brand has many roots. It has Italian style design with Eritrean textiles. Being the brand name of ZA.ER PLC, it is based in Asmara, and is a symbol of cooperation between the Zambaiti Group and the Government of Eritrea. In 1994, on visit to recently independent Eritrea, Giancarlo Zambaiti heard of the Eritrean Government’s plan to privatize a local textile factory, founded in the 1950’s by Roberto Barattolo.  As head of the Zambaiti Group as well as president of its subsidiary, the Italian fabric company Cotonificio Honegger, Giancarlo Zambaiti approached the Eritrean Government with plans to acquire it. In 2004 he was offered the opportunity to do so.                                              . . .read more


Highlights of a Family Tradition
A Family Business

The story of the Zambaiti Group is more than just a business.  Its roots in the textile industry reflect Italian culture and family tradition passed down for generations.Angelo Zambaiti was born in 1907. At an early age, he gets involved in textiles as a hawker and merchant of textile products. Skillfully assisted by his wife Angela, in 1936 Angelo opens the first textile retail shop in Cagliari (Sardinia). In 1948 the first manufacturing plant is founded.  It is the first milesone of what is today known as the Zambaiti Group.                            . . .read more



Roberto Barattolo and the Eritrean Textile Industry
Cotonificio Barattolo Share Company

Roberto Barattolo came to Eritrea in the 1930s, and within 30 years had the most successful textile industry in Africa. Eritrea became known been a major cotton producer; and the country’s history in textiles made it a perfect partner for the Zambaiti Group to form ZA.ER PLC. Born in 1909, Roberto Barattolo came to Eritrea in 1934 to found a commercial agency, Cotonificio Barattolo & Co. After the Second World War, he amassed capital in Eritrea, taking advantage of the economic opportunities to build Asmara’s first cotton textile factory. With production beginning in 1956, and Barattolo was able to gain a large share of the Ethiopian market. Cotonificio Barattolo quickly became the largest cotton mill in Eritrea.      . . .read more

Bergamo: the Regional Home of Italian Textiles
The Textile District of Bergamo

Textiles and fashion have always been a major part of the Italian Lifestyle. Dolce Vita and the Zambaiti Group have its roots in the historical home of the Italian textile industry, Bergamo, in the Lombardia region of Italy.All around Bergamo the textile industry is very important, even today when production is limited to a niche of high quality products. Where creativity is not required, textile production in Italy is anachronistic. The Lombardia Region of Italy, with its main city Milan, is known as a key player in the fashion world. This is traditionally due to two key factors: the presence of three rivers (Serio, Brembo and Oglio), and the arrival of a complete ‘Swiss textile community’. These offered the ideal conditions for this industry to grow.      . . .read more