Highlights of a Family Tradition

A Family Business

pictureThe story of the Zambaiti Group is more than just a business.  Its roots in the textile industry reflect Italian culture and family tradition passed down for generations.Angelo Zambaiti was born in 1907. At an early age, he gets involved in textiles as a hawker and merchant of textile products. Skillfully assisted by his wife Angela, in 1936 Angelo opens the first textile retail shop in Cagliari (Sardinia). In 1948 the first manufacturing plant is founded.  It is the first milesone of what is today known as the Zambaiti Group.
The story of the entreprenueurial  adventure of the Zambaiti family; Angelo Zambaiti and his four sons: Ginetto Giancarlo, Martino, and Ferruccio, is quite extraordinary. Gietto gave up his career as a professional footballer in order to support and later succeed his father Angelo in managing the Copertifico, substaintially developing it in the coming years.  Giancarlo in 1966 starts  the Contonifico Zambaiti. Martino gives a great boost to textile distribution,by opening the first wholesale textile distribution hub in Cernusco, then in Lacchiarella. Ferruchio founded Zambaiti Parati, now a market leader.

Business Expansion

The Zambaiti Group aquired the ‘Cassera-Household Linen’ in 1983, and in 1986 the ‘Nuova Fest e Rasini’ specialized in the production of pure cotton fabrixs and spinnin plant for combed ‘ring’ yarns. In  1992 ‘Cotonifico Honegger’, a cotton mill company operating for over a century in the textile market, was aquired. picture
The textile plant Zambaiti China Ltd was constructed in 1994 as a subsidiary of Zambaiti Parati. In 1996 the Zambaiti Group completed the takeover of TexMantova Spa, active in the finishing, enhancment and  production of high quality fabrica fo clothing in the two production units of Castelbelforte (MN) and Garbagnate Milanese (MI).
2004 was a big year for the Zambaiti Group. It started up the new production of fabrics with ink jet printing. A worldwide license for the Anne Geddes line is designed and developed. Contonifico Barattolo was aquired, and ZA.ER PLC was formed.
In 2005 a textile plant was constructed in India alongside Raymond Ltd. ‘Imec Spa’ was aquired directly form the Carvico Group.